Our Crew

The Crew is Luna Soleil Studio’s heart and soul. Every member of our crew does a little of everything—and handles a lot. From lighting, to sound mixing, to set design to makeup and wardrobe, attending events, and answering questions about Luna Soleil Studios, and just generally making having fun, that’s a little of everything. That’s a lot. And Luna Soleil Studios appreciates and loves every single one of them for everything that they do!


Kate Hart

Kate is the head hair and makeup artist here at Luna Soleil. She studied cosmetology in school and uses her skills in beauty makeup to bring our characters to life. On top of that she happens to be the secretary of our little film company. So when you get that cheerful email you know who to thank.


Victoria Causey

Tori Causey is many things. Most importantly she is a geek who used passion and dedication to study creative expression in it's many forms. In particular this fascination led to a loving appreciation of ways to enhance and modify human form. She has been willingly roped into Luna Soleil as a Make-Up Artist, Costumer, & Writer.


Laura Guzman

Laura Guzman is a Mexican-American actress that has guest starred in Telemundo shows Caso Cerrado and Hoy El Paso. Trained by Stephen Burhoe in method acting and improvisation. When she is not busy working on set, Laura composes her own music and paints and sells original artwork. 


Noah Sarabia

Noah Sarabia is a UTEP student Majoring in Digital Media Production, double minoring in Film and Technical Theatre. Began working in filmmaking in 2017, and in photography in 2018. His areas of expertise are in screenwriting, cinematography, editing, and post production for photography. He is currently working on multiple photo sets soon to be released as well as a documentary short film, and a narrative short film.

Kayla Marie Woody

Kayla Marie Woody is a 24-year-old cat owner and comic book enthusiast from Asheville, North Carolina. She has worked in television and film production since 2014 and is now focused on her career as a screenwriter. 



My name is Fernando Contreras I am Interested in being an actor for the entertainment film industry. I have been in high school productions, city plays and independent films. My hobbies are designing clothes, exercising and portraying characters. The awards and accomplishments I received are all from acting, I can never imagine seeing myself doing anything else.