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Til Death

A lonely survivor, Dylan, finds himself wrapped up in more than he bargained for when he meets food truck worker, Jerry. Not even the blood thirsty monsters outside can compare to what these two run into.

Be Mime!

In this short, silent film, a solitary clown searching for happiness, discovers that true love can be found in the most mundane of places.

Follow your dreams or follow your heart? Sometimes relationships can be bitter sweet, but there will always be a bit of the warmth to remind you of the good times. This short film shows the gentle yearning of wanting to push each other to be better while knowing it might mean losing one other forever.

Meet Will, a comic loving geek who won't let anything get in the way of claiming his prize, and Luke, his best friend who's always ready to ride or die. These two get together for some fun love shenanigans but end up with more than they bargained for in this spooky, limited edition, Halloween special from Luna Soleil Studios!

This music video is the back story to our short film, Tell Me Anything. Our killer, Vanessa, finds her lover is cheating on her and she turns to an odd church for help dealing with it. Needless to say things get a little messy.

Tell Me Anything is Now Available to rent or own on Vimeo on Demand! Vanessa has been playing a twisted game of revenge so long that she decides to take on a partner, Tessa, to lure her next victim to his death. Tessa, unsure and falling for her prey, must figure out a way to keep Vanessa happy and herself alive.