How do i hire Luna soleil studios?

If you have a project that you believe Luna Soleil Studios is perfect for. Whether it’s a business commercial or web promotion, a short film, a feature film, or a private event. You can email us at and we will respond promptly.

How do i audition for your projects?

We periodically post auditions on our Facebook page and other social media outlets. Be sure to pay attention to any platforms in which you follow us. All of our auditions are currently held in El Paso, TX so actors must be local or willing to travel. We will also accept self-taped auditions as well.


How can I suBmit my script?

If you would like to see your scripts come to life you can submit it to us for the possibility of of having it produced into a Luna Soleil Studios film. Email us at with “Script Submission” as your subject line. We will read over it and get back to you as soon as possible.

Does Luna Soleil Studios keep my auditions?

Luna Soleil Studios holds on to headshots, resumes, and video taped auditions. We use this information to keep track of actors we have worked with or actors that we would like to work with in the future. Not all projects are for every actor but a good audition can get you cast or called in for future projects even if you did not get cast for the initial audition.